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delicous & fresh

What Makes Our
Pizza Special

Together with our pizza chef, we tried to identify those recipes that have a fascinating history. We focus on those that are passed down from generation to generation or that come from far away places. For a while we didn't have anything like this, then we made up our own story

Only Fresh Pizza

With us, everything is hot, fresh, organic and homemade. We are a traditional pizzeria with traditional values.

Crazy Fast delivery on Time

We have the fastest pizza delivery in Prague, so you won't wait long for a slice of heaven. Order your online pizza in Prague Czech Republic.

Authentic Recipes

An authentic Sicilian recipe will leave you speechless when you try a slice of pizza from our restaurant.

Organic ingredients

Our pizzeria uses only organic guarantees GMO-free and it will stay like that forever. We love the natural way of life.


pizza delivery in prague
delicous & fresh

Our daily menu is made so that there is something for everyone, from hot pizza, chicken wings to old and traditional Czech food.

Pizza Menu
  • Pizza Capricciosa
    kč 239
  • Pizza Margarita
    kč 220
  • New York Pizza
    kč 290
  • Chicago Pizza
    kč 290
  • Pizza Prague
    kč 250
  • Pizza Caruso
    kč 259
  • Pizza House
    kč 239
  • Pizza Bella
    kč 255
  • Pizza Nuova
    kč 269
  • Little Pizza
    kč 200
  • Pizza 360
    kč 289
  • Jet Pizza
    kč 280
Czech Beer
  • Kozel
    kč 69
  • Krušovice
    kč 69
  • Budweiser
    kč 75
  • Pilsner Urquell
    kč 75
  • Stella Artois
    kč 99
  • Corona Extra
Drink Menu
  • Coca Cola Zero
    kč 49
  • Chorizo Pizza
  • Coca Cola
    kč 49
  • Red Bull
    kč 89
  • Juices
    kč 59
  • Fanta
    kč 49
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we respect tradition
Real Pizza From Real Italians

We strive to provide the best quality of dough production according to an Italian recipe that is more than 100 years old. Choose some of our pizzas such as San Carlo, Capricosa, Vegetariana, Pizza praha and check the quality.

Fastest in prague
Delivery Under 30 Minutes.

Our staff will do everything to get to you as quickly as possible and deliver your pizza as if it just came out of the oven.

The Best Pizza near me

Looking to order crispy and tasty pizza with some good dessert after, you are at the right place.

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